1. The Mix Is In The Tape

    I've always loved making mixtapes. When I started, they were actually on tapes. I don't romanticize or fetishize the actual analog format of magnetic tape. That's just what I called them then and what I call them still. Even when they were on CDs, I called them mixtapes.

    I still make mixtapes. These days they're playlists in iTunes, primarily for myself. And I rarely share them, not out of privacy or secrecy, but only because there isn't a great way to hand a playlist to someone else. A few years ago, I started posting them to my website. At least that way, they're URL addressable.

    At the time of writing this post, I have published five mixtapes. The full collection of which is available at: iamshane.com/mixtapes. When I make more in the future, they'll also go there too.

    Mixtape #1Mixtape #2Mixtape #3Mixtape #4Mixtape #5